Office Visits

My mission is to help people feel more comfortable in their bodies and more inspired in their lives. My methods include subtle, hands-on therapies and focused counseling to promote the body’s innate ability to heal.

What to Expect

I work with my hands, head, and heart. Visits are usually a treatment sandwich: face to face talk time at the beginning and end, with treatment as the veggie meat of the visit.

For treatments, clients are fully-clothed and lie face-up on a massage table. I can and do work with clients in other positions when needed: sitting, standing, babies on my lap or a parent’s lap, kids on the floor…you get it.

I use gentle pressure for both assessment and treatment; frankly, it may feel like I’m not doing much of anything. Despite the subtlety, many things can happen during treatments: snoozing, snoring, laughing, crying, releasing, relaxing, remembering, visioning. Whatever transpires, I am present with you to facilitate your healing process.

It is amazing how much how little will do.

Hugh Milne

While my hands-on work primarily involves craniosacral therapy (CST), I use other techniques when needed, such as myofascial release, manual trigger point release, biofield therapy (energy medicine), visceral manipulation, or osseous manipulation (adjustments). I do not perform adjustments without a discussion and consent.

As a naturopathic doctor (ND), I’m trained and licensed as a primary care physician (PCP). This means that, even though I’m not your PCP, I listen, examine, consider your case, and provide care through the lens of my cumulative training and experience. If I detect something during the course of a visit that needs additional attention, we will address it. If you’re in need of a PCP, we can chat about that as well.

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